Use Our Guide To Dramatically Increase Your Website Conversions Through Providing Your Audience Value.

This is part 5 of our 7 part series on Website Design Optimization, here we cover how to come up with better web content to drive conversions.

If you’re going to do anything, do it well. You’ve probably heard a number of quotes around that line of thinking. It’s the same with your website. If you’re going to have a website for your business, it ought to effectively turn random visitors into leads or even into paying customers or clients. That’s called conversion.

In all likelihood, your website is the hub of your online marketing. Because of that, you probably spend a lot of time on the content that’s on your website. In addition, you expect results from it – you expect conversions. As we talked about in our flagship post on website optimization, one of the major keys to optimization is creating compelling and better website content for your audience.

However, not all content converts well. We know that “only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates.” (Econsultancy, 2016) (Source).

Because we know that small business owners need help with conversions, One & Zero provides a Complimentary Consultation To Improve Performance and Conversions. No strings attached. Take a minute to reach out to us to see how we can help.

In this article, we’re going to cover 7 simple but effective ways to improve conversions on your site:

1. Promote a strong value proposition

2. Use video to convince and convert

3. Quote statistics in your messaging

4. Define the problem

5. Do what works for others

6. Be timely and relevant

7. Make relevant recommendations

 7 Ways to Improve Conversions With Better Website Content

1. Promote A Strong Value Proposition

If your new tool, product, or service can change someone’s life and you have the numbers to prove it, talk about it in your content. Don’t shy away from boasting the numbers if you have them. Stating specific results in your marketing can be a game changer.

Here’s an example of how a lot of business owners talk about the benefits of their product.

“Our money saving app helps many moms and dads like you cut costs in grocery bills all year long.”

Notice the generalities – no specific numbers or expectations, really. This is a safe thing to do because it avoids exaggeration.

But here’s the thing: if your numbers are true, you won’t be exaggerating. If you’ve been keeping up with your customers and know the results they are getting, you have real data you can use to backup your claims. As a result, your content will be stronger and your message will be far more compelling.

Imagine that the company above had real, raw data about the results their customers are getting. Here is one way the same exact thing – cutting costs on groceries – could be said in a more compelling way:

“Our money saving app has helped over 150 customers cut $200 off their grocery bill every single month since its launch.”

Even if you don’t have specific numbers (money, time, percentages, etc.) you can still create compelling value propositions.

2. Use Video To Convince And Convert

Video is one of the best ways to engage an audience and get them to buy. Not to mention, there are statistics that prove it. “Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.” (Aberdeen, 2015) (Source)

If you want to grow your own revenue by 49% or more, incorporate video as often as possible into your content. Use these tools strategically – as part of storytelling or connecting with your audience authentically.

In an article published on Inc.com earlier this year, columnist Molly Reynolds listed four essentials ways to use video content marketing. More than just suggestions, these are proven effective strategies:

  • Identify your true audience
  • Invite your audience on the journey
  • Create a distinct voice
  • Syndicate your content

Using video as one of the ways to improve conversions is going to force you to think differently about marketing than you have in the past. Marketing in 2017 and beyond is going to be much more about making an authentic connection with your audience – it’s not about hiding behind anonymous content that tries to be all things to all people.

Today, you have to get real with your customers and clients and connect with them, and video is simply one of the best ways to do that, so keep that in mind when you look to create material that’s going to stand out.

3. Quote Statistics In Your Messaging

Use statistics to convince your audience to engage with you. Statistics tell a story in a compelling way. You can create all kinds of emotions with statistics – urgency, shock or surprise, happiness and excitement, sadness, and even anger.

Emotions motivate people do things. The purpose of your website content is to motivate people to buy your products and services.

The statistics you use don’t have to be yours. You don’t have to go out and gather primary data based on your own market research. You can research easy-to-find statistics in your industry and use them to influence.

Just be ethical, truthful, and maintain trust with your audience. Never use statistics to manipulate when you could instead use them to motivate your audience to buy.

4. Define The Problem

One of the best ways to improve conversions is to make sure you’re defining your customer’s problem. This is what creates a connection with your customer.

In order to be relevant, your content needs to reach people and the best way to do that is to define the problem right up front, and then talk about your solution to it.

Think about your customers’ or clients’ biggest needs. What are they trying to accomplish? Whatever that is, make it crystal clear on your website that that’s the problem you solve for them, and how.

5. Do What Works For Others

You should be creating a strategy for your content so that you don’t have to make it up as you go along. Great marketers use research and data in order to develop strategies that work.

Look around and see what your competitors are doing. Or, just look at similar businesses that are not direct competitors. See how they are getting conversions and then learn from those tactics.

6. Be Timely And Relevant

If you have an Ecommerce site, you should pay very close attention to key events in your customer’s lives that you can market around.

Use an editorial calendar so that your content is both timely and relevant to your customer. You don’t want to miss important holidays or local events that could boost your conversions if you were to offer something around those times.

Key events and holidays can also give you content ideas.

7. Make Relevant Recommendations

You may not have heard of a “recommendation engine,” but you’ve probably experienced one. The most commonly recognized ones are those used by Amazon and Google.

When you go to Amazon the second, third, fourth, fifth times and beyond, you will begin to see “Recommendations” based on items you’ve viewed before.

They can be eerily on target, too. Recommendation engines are clever systems you can implement – and especially useful in Ecommerce design – to convert more visitors.

It’s a way of targeting your content so the experience is completely personalized, and personalization and connection are the keys to conversion.


You don’t have to be an excellent writer or an acclaimed videographer. When it comes to ways to improve conversions, you just have to be strategic and creative.

Every part of your website matters, from the menus to the metadata. Moreover, your content – how you connect with your audience – matters most.

SEO can get your website the traffic you need, but once they’re on the site, it’s up to the content to do the work of conversion.

Creating high converting and better website content takes time, effort, and strategy. We can help you boost conversions with compelling content that is designed to create authentic connections with your website visitors. Contact One & Zero today to find out more about our work.

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