Social media marketing plays a big role in website optimization. Any way you look at it, social media platforms affect search engine rankings. They are officially part of the digital marketing experience. With effective social media marketing, your brand can reach more customers than you’ve ever imagined. But with poor social media strategies, you can set yourself back. One & Zero takes a fun, but no nonsense approach to social media marketing. We want to help you put your business front & center with your customers. As a result, you’ll create new opportunities to build brand loyalty. This part of the work can be the most rewarding. If it’s done well, you can genuinely connect with your customers and help them see your company in a new, personal way.


We approach things differently than other social media marketing companies. Everything we do is holistic. First, we work with clients to optimize their social media profiles on platforms. Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, and Twitter are popular places to start. Next, we will design the best experience for potential customers who meet your brand for the first time through social media. We also really enjoy helping customers create fun, engaging communities. When social media marketing works, you get to see what it is like to have brand loyalty on the web. The truth is, customers go out of their way to buy from a brand if it becomes big part of their life.

Another service we bring to the table is reputation management. Clients who work with us benefit from our unique approach to creating positive buzz and excitement about their brands. In addition, we’ll teach you effective ways to manage your brand reputation in these spaces. Finally, we believe in connecting to customers with authority, authenticity, and compelling stories. These are the things that keep your social media communities engaged.