Search Engine Optimization


For One & Zero, a high search engine ranking and consistent organic traffic is always the result of the build. In other words, websites that rank well are built well. First, we approach every project methodically, keeping in mind how search engines see websites and keeping our pulse on trends and changes in algorithms. After that, we focus on the details and build them into the site structure. As an Search Engine Optimization company, our attention to detail sets us miles apart from our competitors.

We start any SEO project with research and an audit. The audit determines the work that needs to be done based on your goals. Then, we bring in our extensive knowledge of how search engines really work. We prioritize search optimization – both on-page and off-page. We also come up with the right tactics for reaching your market. Because we’re thorough, we go beyond just thinking about Google. The team at One & Zero considers all search engines, and all other places people search for information. Also, we are relentless about spending the time and energy to focus on optimizing for the right set of keyword concepts.

Finally, we build sites correctly from the “ground up.” It’s our job to make sure that all of the elements that are necessary for visibility are there. SEO is really about thinking through how to get in front of customers, wherever they might be looking for you. Because of that, we work with our clients to develop and implement link building strategies. Through link building, we can increase visibility, develop relationships, and boost organic traffic. Beyond that, we use Google Analytics and testing to make adjustments along the way.

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