Google Ads

  • What We Can Do For You:
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Landing Page Design
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Strategic Testing
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO Integration

Beyond Campaign Management

Achieving kick-ass conversion rates at a low bid cost goes beyond keyword targeting and campaign management. We examine all aspects of your lead funnel and are highly skilled in the many facets of CRO – landing page design, compelling sales copy, relevance, calls-to-action, user experience, website performance, and speed are all important factors. We also leverage keyword insights and testing towards our clients on-page SEO, an important step many marketers miss or leave out.

The Art & Science of AdWords

A lot of business owners try their hand at Google AdWords or hired a company to help them, they didn’t get a return and felt the money and time were wasted. We won’t argue with you there, it probably was, but that doesn’t mean AdWords doesn’t work, the fact is it’s a highly nuanced and fairly complex tool. Software assistants like WordStream are better than winging it, but nothing beats a seasoned AdWords vet that is able to take advantage of insights that machine learning hasn’t caught up with. Get in touch with us to discuss your goals.

Justin Shaw is a rookie dad, pro husband, and agency owner at One & Zero. We help small businesses and entrepreneurs get the results they deserve from their digital marketing campaigns. Get better results now.

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